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De Börner offers authentic Mexican dishes: tacos, quesadillas and nachos. Sustainability is very important to us. That's why, whenever possible, we cook with 

regional, Swiss or organic products. The meat comes from the organic butcher's shop Ueli Hof in Lucerne and the chicken from the butcher's shop Kopp in Bern. The only thing we import are limes, which are essential for our tacos. We grow our own jalapeños. We process them and you can also buy them from us in jars. We process almost all of our raw materials ourselves. That's the only way to make it De Börner! We also cook gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

We serve our own recipes, Mama's style, freshly prepared every day. Authentic and yet unique. No fancy-pants, but honest and above all simple Greek street food. We have toured Switzerland for over 30 years and are currently represented at over 120 events every year.
Fresh food is always sourced from the region. To ensure authenticity, we source our airy pitas directly from Greece, which are made strictly according to the traditional recipe from 1957 in Athens. The unmistakable taste comes from our spice blends on the one hand and our love for what we do on the other. 

We put just as much passion into our vegetarian and vegan dishes, ensuring diversity and supporting different lifestyles.


Tenz Momo is a young team with Tibetan roots that specializes in Tibetan dumplings, so-called "Momo". Like us, our cuisine is a mix of traditional Tibetan dishes and new influences from the western world. As Secondos, we carry many different hearts within us, which are reflected in our food and our appearance. It

is important for us to serve our momos to our guests the way we learned from our own mother. Some say that Tenz Momo is the original. For us, the original momos are still those made by our own amala (mother in Tibetan). But we are here for all those who do not have a Tibetan mother. 


Mommy's Love is an online dessert shop specializing in custom made cakes and other edible works of art that taste as good as they look. Owned by the US-American and Bernese by choice Rhonda Dorsey-Moser 

("Adventsbasar in der Elfenau" founder & organizer), Mommy's Love stands for quality baked goods and puts customer satisfaction first. Since 2016, numerous happy customers have had their sweet wishes fulfilledand have enjoyed and praised Rhonda's artistic baking and decorating talents.
At this year's exhibition, Mommy's Love will offer drinks and treats with a nod to the USA in her American Cafe Bar and Boutique Bakery. Cafe Bar beverage highlights include: Pumpkin Spice Latte and Matcha Latte as well as the Advent mocktail "Winter's Bitter Kiss". Cafe Bar dessert highlights include: Cupcakes, XL Cookies, Brownies, Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls and Carrot Cake. The Boutique Bakery offers gift-wrapped, uniquely decorated cookie creations for your loved ones or for yourself. Stop by and awaken your sweet tooth. 

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