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Advetsbasar in der Elfenau 2022 Flyer
Christmas Baubles


Massimo Di Muro - 22 Dance Studio

Massimo Di Muro is an International dancer & choreographer. He has toured 5 times worldwide as a dancer with DJ Bobo. He choreographs for various singers and has performed in various TV shows and video clips. He was a background dancer for X-Factor, Michelle in Germany and Rock Circus in Switzerland. He is managing director, dancer and choreographer of 22 Dance Studio, the multifaceted dance school for children and adults in Muri bei Bern.


His 22 Dance Studio dance groups ONEunity and Kidz United will enchant the Adventsbasar in the Elfenau 2022 with an upbeat and uplifting dance show.


22 Dance Studio: Your place to unwind, feel good and recharge your batteries. Trial lessons and registration are possible at any time. For more info on 22 Dance Studio click here.

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Martin Pacione - Tango & Song

Martin Pacione is an Argentinian Tango dancer and singer. He has been teaching Argentine tango for over 20 years in various countries.

His studied at the Collegio Cardenal Cisneros in Buenos Aires, where he graduated with degrees in singing and dancing. Afterwards he performed with the famous dancers El "Pulpo" Esbrez, Gautito and Naveira, among others. He enjoys a long international tango career and last danced in Paris in July 2022. He now teaches tango classes at Movement is Life Studio in Worb. At the Adventsbasar in der Elfenau 2022, taking you on a entertaining journey through the evolution of Tango, Martin Pacione will dance and sing traditional Argentinian Tango performed with a lovely dance partner. For a sneak peek click here.


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The Vocalistas - Vocal Ensemble

The Vocalistas, directed by Francesca Keller, are a group of talented female singers ranging in age from 18 to 28 who perform groovy arrangements with their wonderful voices. The vocal ensemble inspire their audience with a variety of songs from R'n'B to Jazz and Pop. 


The story of the Vocalistas began in 2014 originally as a CD project from Francesca Keller and the Burgdorf Region Music School. After many successful and inspiring performances, The Vocalistas have now established themselves as a vocal ensemble of a high musical caliber. They will enchant the Adventsbasar in the Elfenau 2022 with a taste of their upcoming Christmas concerts. For more info about The Vocalistas click here. To enjoy a video rendtion of The Vocalistas click here.

Claudia Wachs - l'adresse

Under the direction of Claudia Wachs, the young dance group from l'adresse für Bewegungskultur in Muri will perform contemporary choreographies from jazz and tap dance at the Adventsbasar in the Elfenau 2022. Their enthusiasm for dance is both bubbly and inciting.


At l'adresse, movement, inspiration, dance and sport meet fun. The diverse offer is constantly being adapted. Whether young or old, every taste and every ambition will find its individual movement program there. For more info click here.




1:00 pm

Martin Pacione - Movement Is Life - Tango & Song

3:00 pm

The Vocalistas - Vocal Ensemble from Francesca Keller

5:00 pm

Massimo Di Muro - 22 Dance Studio - Dance Show


1:00 pm

Claudia Wachs - l'adresse - Jazz & Tap Dance Show

3:00 pm

The Vocalistas - Vocal Ensemble from Francesca Keller

5:00 pm

Massimo Di Muro - 22 Dance Studio - Dance Show

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