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Happy Easter Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake
Happy Easter Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake


Adventsbasar in der Elfenau

Happy Easter Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake


Little goodies in a

multitude of flavors

Edible Art from My Heart to Yours


Your special cake made to order with love


More sweet tooth



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mommys_love_adventsbasar-257 copy 2-fotor-20240202125938.jpg

Welcome to Mommy's Love! I'm Rhonda Dorsey-Moser, also affectionately called Mommy by my darling daughter. I'm a singer, songwriter, voice teacher and cake artist. My love for creativity began long ago. My love for baking and decorating began when my daughter, Joya asked for a Minnie Mouse Cake for her 3rd birthday in 2014. Before diving in, I tested the waters and made my first practice cake "Black & Gold". Surely I have my daughter to thank for this newfound rapture that has me bubbling with excitement at every new and wonderful sweet piece of edible art I'm blessed to create with love. Check out the details about all the goodies Mommy's Love has to offer you for all your special celebrations. Thanks for stopping by. Sweet surfing!


Edible Art from My Heart to Yours


"Baking and decorating are my passions. I consider each bake an opportunity to create something beautiful and delicious. A Mommy's Love creation is the perfect gift for your next special celebration. Take a look at the galleries to discover what's on offer. I take pride in making sure every creation tastes good and looks good. The happy faces of satisfied, grateful  customers and those of their loved ones and friends are the motivation that Mommy's Love treasures and thrives on".



"That lemon cake was the best cake I've ever had in my life."
W. Henggi

"My husband's birthday cake was outstanding, perfectly baked and not too sweet. We loved it so much that we purposely didn't share the leftovers with anyone! Will I order again? Absolutely!"
B. Lüchinger

When a friend asked my three year old what her favorite part of her birthday party was, she answered, "The cake!"
R. Moser

"The cake I ordered for my sister's birthday was the perfect combination of taste and style."
M. Wille

"Rhonda's cakes and cupcakes are like her vocal performance:

high quality, creative, exquisite, a feast for the eyes & a real treat!" 

F. Keller

"Mommy's Love takes carrot cake
to an entirely different level.

This is haute couture confection!"

Martha K.

Thank you dear Rhonda for such a wonderful wedding cake.
It was absolutely perfect, beautifully decorated and tasted incredibly delicious.

D. & P. Baldussi

"My son was speechless.
The cake was perfect and a delicious surprise! You are just awesome, Rhonda!"

J. Frey

"Your cake was overwhelming!
We were all speechless because of how it looked and tasted.
Wow! Thank you so much!"

D. Burkhard

"Rhonda's cakes are not only beautiful but equally delicious. Each cake is an artwork with incredible attention to detail. I highly recommend Rhonda for her gorgeous custom made cakes."

O. Madsen


Make your sweet dreams come true

Tel: +41 79 416 60 05  |  Email: info(at)


Mommy's Love

Rhonda Dorsey-Moser

3132 Riggisberg



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