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All Mommy’s Love Cakes are moist and full of flavor and make a perfect gift for your next special occassion. All cakes are about 8 centimeters tall with 2 layers and can be confected as a single tier or as multi-stacked tiers. Prices below are based on cake size and include basic decoration. Prices vary with additional layers (heightening the cake) as well as extent of the confection and decoration requested. Orders can be picked up or delivered. Deliveries, on-site decorating and cake accessory rentals require additional charges. Your Mommy’s Love edible art will be custom made according to your sweet wishes. Following a consultation with me a complete price quote will be presented. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free cakes are also available. About ingredients in Mommy's Love creations, which can cause allergic reactions, I will be happy to inform you of on request. For further details please feel free to contact me.


Sizes & Prices (possible servings):

10cm Ø     4  -  8  servings   Base Price:   90 CHF (Only available with a multi-tiered cake order)

15cm Ø   12 - 24  servings   Base Price: 150 CHF

20cm Ø   20 - 36  servings   Base Price: 220 CHF

25cm Ø   22 - 44  servings   Base Price: 320 CHF

30cm Ø   38 - 68  servings   Base Price: 420 CHF


All cake prices start at a minimum of 150 CHF and vary according to design and flavors.


Non-edible Display Cakes are also available. If you'd like a tiered cake and wish to keep a part of the cake as a souvenir, or you want to avoid having too many leftovers, decorated display cakes combined with edible cakes could be your solution.


Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Coconut, Pistachio, Earl Grey & Carrot


Buttercream Fillings:

Vanilla, Chocolate(dark, milk & white), Lemon, Coffee/Cappuccino, Caramel

Filling Add-Ons include:

Crispy-Crunchy Praline Surprise, Crumble-Crunch Surprise, Cookie-Crumbs,

Chocolate-Chips, Lemon Curd, Seasonal Fruits, Preserves and more



All Mommy’s Love Cakes are frosted with either dark, milk or white chocolate ganache

or buttercream.



Fondant or Buttercream


Au Naturel:

Naked and semi-naked cakes in their beautiful, bare simplicity are also available.



Sugar Flowers, Figurines, Toppers, Monograms, Banners & more…


Mommy’s Love Cupcakes are available in the above cake flavors with the above fillings & frostings. The minimum order is 12 cupcakes. Prices start at 6.50 CHF per cupcake with buttercream frosting and vary according to extent of the confection and type of handmade fondant decorations and/or toppers.




The Mommy’s Love Assortment also includes decorated cookies, cake pops and more. Feel free to contact me and I'll gladly send you a quote.


Thank you for your interest in Mommy's Love.

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